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In 2000, Robert Dujeancourt and Michel Vernier (current President) set up the Ryvia group and et redeem the Pause Café brand, created in Troyes in 1988.


They expand the brand, through creative design and selective distribution network. Since its launch, Ryvia focus on style, relying on a 100% French conception, with a production workshop based in Troyes, historic capital of knitting and hosiery.


Today, Ryvia has a worforce of 85 persons in France and 350 in its own production center, in Tunisia. 14 years after its creation, the group records an annual turnover of €24 millions.

Pause Café is first and foremost a style! A trendy-chic style, allying quality and originality for glamourous and audacious women. A style featuring noble material, with subtil and vivid colours. A style fitting slender and greedy silhouettes from 36 to 54.


Pause Café is an affordable & premium brand, dressing all women for every occasion.

The conception and creation workshop is located in Troyes, high place of the French fashion industry. It gathers a team of stylists, pattern makers and tailors to select materials, design and create prototypes. Each season, they realise a collection of 300 models inspired from fashion trends and preserving the brand heritage.


These models are then executed in the manufacturing unit,  directly owned to control the production. The quality control laboratory, based in Troyes certifies the conformity and compliance with highest quality standards. All materials and fabrics follow stringent specifications in regards of esthetics, quality, resistance, rarity, delicacy…